Friday, December 6, 2013

Three Lucky Charms and a Formula for Lady Luck Conjure Oil

Searching for Luck

When I began compiling a list of charms for good luck for an ebook for Creole Moon's Conjure Club, I came across some real doozies. Some of the lucky charms are really old practices and beliefs, and I have no explanation for why they are considered good luck. But they are interesting nonetheless. I have listed three lucky charms and a formula for Lady Luck conjure oil below for you enjoyment. 

Lucky Fava Bean

Here’s an interesting lucky charm to help a friend get good luck for a particular circumstance. Walk around the person three times in a sunwise direction, then give him or her a fava bean on which you have inscribed the number 7. Tell them to make their wish on the fava bean and keep it with them until their wish is answered. Once it is answered, the person should pass it on to someone else in need of good luck by performing the same action - walking around the person in need of good luck and then passing on the fava bean. In that way, it keeps the positive energy flowing with a domino effect. 

Lucky Beef Tongue

It is lucky to carry the tip of a dried beef tongue in your mojo bag. It is said to keep folks from talking smack about you. 

Horseshoe Talisman

To make a good luck horseshoe talisman, take 9 pods of garlic, 9 sprigs of thyme and 9 sprigs of parsley and place in a small brown paper bag and wrap around the bag 9 times with red string, then tie the packet to the horseshoe and hang it over your door (adapted from Hyatt, 1978 Vol. 2).

Formula for Lady Luck Conjure Oil

The formula for Lady Luck conjure oil is as follows: Irish moss, cloves, cinnamon, orange and a lodestone in a base of almond oil. Use to anoint candles, ritual tools, your wallet, purse, anywhere you keep money, playing cards, dice and anything connected to playing games of chance; pour a few drops in your palms and rub your hands briskly together before gambling to sway luck in your favor.

Find a selection of lucky charms and talismans at Medicines and Curios.

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