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Bottle Spell to Get Rid of a Troubling Neighbor or Ex-Lover

To Get Rid of a Troubling Neighbor or Ex-Lover


If you have broken up with your ex but they just won’t let you go, if they keep calling you even when to tell them to stop, if they harass you or are stalking you, then try this doll spell to get rid of them. This spells can be adapted to get rid of anyone who is meddlin' in your affairs that you want to go away. For this spell you will need:

  • A wide mouth jar
  • A black doll baby that can fit inside the jar.
  • Personal effect of your ex
  • Brown paper bag
  • Dragon’s blood ink
  • Black pin
  • Photo
  • Red pepper
  • Lost and Away Powder

Attach a personal effect from your ex to the doll with a black pin. Write down their name and date of birth on a piece of brown paper bag with Dragon’s Blood ink and attach it to the doll as well. If you have a photo of this person, attach it to the doll. Stick the doll into the jar and add some black Witch’s salt, red pepper, graveyard dirt, and add some Lost and Away powder. Seal the jar shut and throw into a running river. If it is carried away from you, you can expect the person to leave you alone within 9 days. If it sinks to the bottom or is carried towards you, then you must repeat the spell, this time burning a black candle on top of the jar for 9 days. You should inscribe the person’s name on the candle and roll the candle with Lost and Away powder before burning. After burning the candle for nine days, take it to the river again and throw it in. If you still do not have any luck getting rid of the person and the person is stalking or otherwise harassing you, take out a restraining order and repeat the spell during a waning moon.

Formula for Lost and Away Powder

  • Dirt from a Graveyard
  • Mistletoe
  • Powdered sulfur
  • Powdered Orris
  • Sage

Grind the dried herbs with a mortar and pestle until a fine powder. Then mix with the graveyard dirt and powdered sulphur.

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