Conjure Club

An Innovative Idea for the Serious Student of Conjure

If you are an information seeker, an academic interested in the inner workings of southern conjure traditions, or a practitioner of conjure yourself, you will love our Conjure Club. Each month you will receive on the average 3 to 4 digital downloads and ebooks full of information about traditional conjure workings, working with Catholic saints and folk saints, information about herbs and roots, conjure formularies, various spirits found on the altars of rootworkers all over the South, how to work with lamps, graveyard work, bottle spells, money magic, love spells and much, much more!

Our sources of information include word of mouth from real practitioners and elders, family, friends, and a variety of anthropological, folkloric and literary sources. The editor has spent thousands of hours locating and reading out of print books and journals, and compiling information from those sources as well. Our downloads include references for those serious students of conjure and for individuals seeking to broaden their knowledge base even further.

The core contributors for Creole Moon are people who were born and raised in the Southern United States, and who were immersed in conjure traditions as members of Southern culture. This gives us a unique perspective that can only be seen and experienced from within the culture. Our mission is to report on our observations in an effort to preserve our cultural traditions.


Well that's easy, especially if you like unique, original and informative article downloads and ebooks like these:

  • Formulas for Enhancing Dreams, Divination, Psychic Development and Prophecy
  • 10 Old-style Hoodoo Powder Formulas
  • Astrological Formulary
  • Biblical Formulary
  • Spirit Spotlight: Al Anima Sola
  • The Use of Tide Water in Hoodoo and Conjure
  • Working with the Saints in the New Orleans Hoodoo Tradition
  • Working with St. Anthony of Padua
  • Hyssop: The Holy Herb and Its Uses
  • Folk Remedies of Southern Louisiana
  • Fabulous Spring Magic Money Hand
  • The Sacramentals of Saint Raymond
  • The Conjurer’s Guide to Working with St. Cyprian
  • Crossroads Mama’s 105 Spiritual Baths for Every Occasion
  • Workin’ in da Boneyard
  • Gypsy Wisdom Spells, Charms and Folklore
  • Day of the Dead Handbook
  • Fortune Telling with Playing Cards
  • The Big Book of Mystical Chants and Prayers
  • Purloined Stories and Early Tales of Old New Orleans, Part 1
  • New Orleans Gris Gris
  • Magickal Conjure Doll Clay Formulas
  • Charms, Amulets and Talismans for Good Luck
  • Spiritual Defense, Protection and Wards

And that's not all!
Those are just some of the titles we offer our members...

Join Creole Moon's EBook Conjure Club for access to original ebooks and downloads related to Hoodoo, Conjure, New Orleans Voodoo and related traditions found in the American South. Conjure Club members receive one full ebook a month plus several extra documents like the titles mentioned above.

Creole Moon's eBook Club members will be the first to hear about the latest news, including special offers, the latest promotions, and events like online chats with your favorite writers.

When you subscribe to our eBook Conjure Club you will receive one full title a month and special discounts on new titles and on the paper versions of each download. Our ebooks are complete books specializing in conjure, culture, folk magic, spirituality, African-derived traditions, Native American traditions, mysticism and rootwork. The first book your will receive is Crossroads Mama's
105 Spiritual Baths for Every Occasion. 96 pages of spiritual bath recipes from the New Orleans Voodoo, Hoodoo and Santeria traditions.

As Conjure Club members, you will have the opportunity to purchase the eBook titles in print form at a discount price. All Conjure Club ebook titles are available in print form as well as digital downloads. Every six months our titles will be compiled into a print book form and on a DVD for members who would like to preserve their information in a cogent fashion. Plus, in true New Orleans fashion, we always through in a little lagniappe for these kinds of purchases.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors, be armed with the powerful knowledge you need for successful business or research.

Learn more about Conjure Club here.

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