Wednesday, August 14, 2013

To Make a Decision

Here's an excerpt from another Conjure Club download, 7 Old School Conjure Works.

If you are in a situation where you have a make an important decision but don’t know what that decision should be, try this fork in the road work. Write down on a piece of paper 2 possible solutions to your issue, in two columns. Be sure to include the best case scenarios no matter what the situation is. Take a red bandana down to the crossroads along with that piece of paper and a brand new nail. Talk to the spirits at the fork of the road and tell them you are looking for the right answer and are leaving the issue with them for a night. Wrap the paper in the red bandana and nail the bandana with the paper wrapped in it at the fork in the road. Leave it overnight. Go and retrieve it the following day. Find a rock about the size of a quarter or so at or very near the fork in the road and take it home with you. Be sure to leave a small bottle of rum as a “thank you” to the Spirits for their help. Unwrap the bandana and flatten it and the paper with your two solutions on a table or other flat surface. Hold the rock directly above the top of the paper and ask the Crossroads Spirits what their answer is to your problem. Drop the rock and watch where it falls. Empowered by the wisdom of the Crossroads Spirits, the best answer will be given to you.

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