Thursday, July 31, 2014

St. Helena, Patron Saint of the Cross and Divorcees

St. Helena is known by Catholics as the Patron Saint of the Cross and Intercessor for converts, divorce, difficult marriages, archeologists, fire, thunder, needle makers and empresses.

Born to pagan parents, she knew nothing of Christianity for the first 60 years of her life. Helena had one son, Constantine the Great, who ruled the Roman Empire until 337 AD. During Constantine’s reign, with the aid of his mother, Christianity flourished. In addition to many other Christian works, Helena is credited with finding the Cross, which hung the Savior of the world.

Saint Helen met her husband Constantius in Asia Minor while he was there working. There marriage was small and for quite some time unknown, but eventually news spread of their wedding.

Around the year 270, Helen had her only child, Constantine. However shortly after having the baby, Constantius left Helen for another woman. He left her with Constantine, and they never heard from him again.

Constantine did not care that his father had left because he and Helen had such a great bond and love for each other. Helen raised Constantine alone, she never got married again. She lost contact with many people after being left by Constantius.

Saint Helen and Constantine were never separated during their lives. When Constantine was named emperor of Rome around 306, she traveled with him and continued to live with him as well. She spent her hours praying to God, and becoming extremely religious. She advised Constantine and loved him very much. She had Constantine let prisoners go often and would attend Mass daily with the normal citizens of Rome, which was unheard of since she was royalty.

In the year 330, Saint Helen passed away due to natural causes. This devastated Constantine, who remained by her side during her final hours. Her feast day is celebrated on August 18th each year.

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